Best Martial Arts for University Student

Which martial arts is the right one?

There are now countless martial arts and even more different styles. Since it is not easy to keep track. Especially for beginners, the question often arises: which discipline is the right one for me? There is no answer that applies to everyone, it depends very much on your interests and preferences, which suits you. No matter how different the different martial arts initially seem, in the master grades they all approach each other again. Because there is only one physics and one anatomy of man.

We recommend getting started with karate as it offers a good mix of fitness, value concept and self-defense. In addition, it can be learned by anyone, as each trained according to his own agility and sportiness and continuously improves both.

But if you’d like to learn the best martial arts for self defense, then brazilian jiu jitsu is the one

But depending on your interests, maybe other martial arts are interesting for you? Answer the following questions:
Why do I want to do martial arts?

Athletic Fitness: This aspect is supported by virtually all martial arts. If your goal is intense cardio training and endurance, kickboxing or boxing is interesting. If it is more about strengthening and toning the muscles and improving coordination and flexibility, recommend Asian martial arts such as karate or taekwondo.
Self-defense: Since self-defense starts in the head, every martial art will help you become safer in all situations. Krav Maga focuses on this aspect and is therefore recommended. Note that you choose a martial art that suits your situation: women, for example. usually do not have to brawl – Jiu Jitsu can help them in situations when they are being grabbed or held. Men are more likely to be attacked by thugs – boxing and kickboxing will help beginners here quickly, Asian martial arts like karate or taekwondo are also recommended.
Challenges: There are athletic competitions in almost all disciplines; The only exception are the pure self-defense schools like Krav Maga, which only offer them in isolated cases. MMA is currently very strong in the media focus. Especially Asian martial arts such as karate or taekwondo also allow the “soft” entry with no-contact or semi-contact tournaments as well as kata discipline.
Health: In addition to the general benefits of exercise, many martial arts also provide other health benefits. In all martial arts is often given a very balanced load on the body. They are also very efficient at reducing stress. Asian martial arts such as karate or taekwondo also support a good posture, which prevents back problems and compensates for desk work. Especially Tai Ji and Qi Gong are said to have additional healing properties.
Philosophy: Especially the Asian martial arts such as Karate and Kung Fu are based on a millennia-old philosophical concept of value, which considers body and mind as a unity and partially takes on a mystical form. It encourages character building, discipline, self-confidence and empathy. Tai Ji has a great philosophical and meditative depth, Qi Gong on the body in the context of traditional Chinese medicine.

Ultimately, you can not go wrong with any martial arts

Just a warning: martial arts is neither magical nor supernatural. If you are promised to become invincible with little training, easily assert yourself against a variety of opponents, or even overcome armed attackers safely, then this is probably dangerous rip-off and not serious training.

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